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“Therapy” (EP) is about emotions. Each of these songs portray different emotions and storylines of relatable moments that many people have gone through in life. I came up with the name “Therapy” because every song has a concept about either love, hate, excitement, craziness, or sadness. These emotions are the reason that many people need therapy!

Como Te Llamas

“Como Te Llamas” means “What’s Your Name” in Spanish. The story behind this song is about when a girl was out partying at the club when she spots a guy that she finds attractive. She tries to get his attention, eventually he notices her, and their eyes lock. The guy walks over to her, begins to flirt with her and says “Como Te Llamas”, making her start to feel some type of way.

“Saw him with his homies
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Had me high like in the nosebleeds
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Made his way over
Ask if I’m thirsty
I said “un poquito” to play it off
Eyes were like diamonds
Perfect like timing
Had me ready to get it on
I like the
I like the way you move
You know and
You know just what you’re doing
Yeah baby
You got me
That’s when I heard him say
Como te llamas
Quiero bailar contigo
Quieres estar conmigo
Podría enamorarme esta noche”

This made the girl want to get to know more about him, and to get him to go dance with her. For the rest of the night, the two of them were inseparable, being flirty, feeling each other, and having fun dancing to the music.

Gabby B has a connection to the song “Como Te Llamas”, since she was a young teenager she would go out with her girlfriends, to the mall or to parties all the time. At a couple of the parties Gabby would show up to, she wound up meeting a guy that she thought was cute. Much like in the song, they would catch each other’s attention and the flirting and dancing together would start. In Gabby’s own words: “That’s all I loved about parties: dancing and looking at cute boys”.

Till The Sun Turns Up

A couple of Gabby B’s favorite things to do are putting on her makeup, exaggerating her look, and dancing to loud music. “Till the Sun Turns Up” is a song that incorporates looking and feeling sexy, partying with someone you are very attracted to, while dancing to loud music. All of this is packaged in a beat that draws influence from Gabby’s Brazilian culture mixed with Jamaican culture.
With lyrics like:
“Ooh baby when we’re on the floor
You got my body screaming out for more
The DJ’s spinning just for us
Tonight we’re gonna do it till the sun turns up
Ooh baby when I feel your touch
I move my body like we’re making love
The club’s screaming turn down for what
Tonight we’re gonna do it till the sun turns up”

“Till the Sun Turns Up” is clearly all about dancing and partying with someone till the sun turns up. Or as Gabby B put it, “This is a song about partying all night long with a guy you are attracted to and dancing like a boss. It’s about having confidence and looking sexy.”

All Yours

“All Yours” is a song about expressing the feelings you have for someone that you are deeply in love with. Love is a fighting force and a shining beam of light. During times when you are going through a great struggle, love will provide you with everything you need to overcome it. When you are in love with someone, you are willing to do just about anything and everything for that person, no matter the consequences you may face.
“It don’t take much
Just your voice or passing glance
And I can’t breathe
Thinking of us
I feel your touch
Even when we’re miles apart
I’m in a sea
Floating on us
Not an inch or a fragment between us
Not a moment that isn’t love
Cause I’m all yours
And you’re all mine”
Gabby B wanted to write a song that anyone who has been in love before can relate to, and a song for whoever is currently in love to send to their significant other to explain how they feel. Gabby has said that “I love singing this song because it brings me to a good place and we all love somebody who brings us joy.”


Who knows a cheater? Well, this song is all about catching one and calling them out. You have all the proof you need, the snapchats, Instagram DMs, old voicemails, and screenshots. Whenever something gets brought up, they try to sweet talk and brush it off, coming up with some lame excuses. You realize that they have been lying to you about everything that they had been doing, and you tell them off.
“Say where have you been, I tried to call, thotting around, risking it all
Stories I ain’t buying, I know that you cappin’, ain’t got no more talkin’
Now watch him say baby it’s all in your head, and sweet talk and kiss it away,
He’ll blame it on grey goose and all of your friends, and when he’s finished lyin’, tell him
I got receipts, Like bands in the bag, no dye packs, account in the black
I got receipts, old voicemails, with timestamps, snaps and grams”
When Gabby B was a young teenager, she witnessed a few of her friends going through rough break-ups because they got cheated on by some scumbag. Gabby enjoyed helping her friends by saving up receipts from the cheater and then exposing them so everyone would know that the cheater is trash.
“Nobody should ever get cheated on! PERIOD!” – Gabby B

Under My Skin

A girl starts to feel like her boyfriend isn’t showing her affection the way he did when they started dating. She doesn’t see the relationship developing further or going anywhere. She is looking to move on to something better, but she still has feelings for him, conflicted as she just wants him to decide whether he is going to love her or let her grow. Moving forward, she knows that she will not be able to love anyone the same if she is still thinking about him.
“Boy our love is on empty
Going crazy you drive me nowhere fast
Gotta think of my future
So I’m hoping to leave you in the past
You leave me alone
Love me and love me or leave me alone
I’m out of my zone”
“Years ago, I dealt with this issue with a guy I used to date. I thought we were so in love, but it turned out that he wasn’t treating me that great and I wound up crying every night because of him. He was the first guy that I loved, and he ruined it. So, one night, I decided I had to do what was best for me and break up with him. It just wasn’t working anymore, even though I would end up thinking about him every day. He tried getting back with me twice, and I just told him to leave me alone.”
– Gabby B

How You Know

How crazy would you get for someone you love? The song “How You Know” talks about the rollercoaster of emotions that someone may go through when they are talking to someone and want to find out the feelings that the other person has for them, or if the love they are feeling is mutual. Sometimes, when you are starting to love someone, you want to know if they love you back, and it may lead you to do anything to find out how they feel about you. That may even make you go a little crazy.
“I wish I had someone to tell me
What to make of all these feelings in my heart
Like how do I know if he feels me
Like how does he feel when we’re kissing in the dark
But I won’t let you down
I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise
That I will break it down”
“Love has gotten me stressed so many times in the past. Sometimes it would be to the point that I went crazy and just felt like screaming. Love is one of the most painful things in life, but it also provides some of the most memorable moments. What I’ve learned is if you let it go and it doesn’t come back, it was never yours to begin with. The key is to just move on because there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”
– Gabby B

To Que To

As a woman, you have to go through certain moments in life to make you realize your worth. “To Que To” talks about a woman that is in a relationship with a guy she loves, but the guy treats her poorly and ends up leaving her. She doesn’t know what to do. She depended on him so much and had sacrificed a lot for him. After she processed everything, she realizes she must start being an independent woman and make her own decisions. She finally figures out who she really is and that she is all she needs.
“Quero me achar
Quero me convencer
Que sou feliz mesmo sem ter voce
E deus me deu
Caminho pra seguir
E ate mesmo me descobrir
As coisas nao sao como imaginei
Eu confiei e planejei
Teve a chance de subir amor
Olha pra mim e veja quem eu sou”
“I want to find myself
I want to convince myself
That I am happy even without you
And God gave me
A path to follow
An until I find myself
Things are not how I imagined
I trusted and I planned
Had the chance to raise love
Look at me and see who I am”
“My mom wrote this song years ago while she was going through dark times. When I heard it, I wanted to record it because I truly felt what this song was saying. My whole life, I’ve always believed in woman empowerment and working hard to become independent. I want to be able to help out women who are allowing their partners to control them or who are stuck in a situation similar to this. It’s important to me that women have equal rights and are able to be independent. The theme of this song is mainly about finding who you are and being happy even without a partner.”
– Gabby B
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