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About Gabby B

Gabby B is a Brazilian pop recording artist based out of Miami, FL. Now a viral creator and performer, Gabby was born an only child in Goiania, Brazil, to a mother (Brazilian performer) and father (Professional martial arts master). Gabby was instantly synchronized with two worlds that would eventually shape shift her passion to entertain. Due to her time spent living in many different countries, Gabby B is fluent in three different languages and sings in four (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

Gabby has accumulated many musical accolades in her short career. This past year, her single “Dance All Night” charted 75 on the iTunes pop chart in Hong Kong. Her single “Pose” charted to top 5 on iTunes pop charts and 15 overall in South Africa in 2021. She followed this up with one viral music video after another, tallying millions of views on songs such as “Belly Dancer”, “Pretty Girl Lit”, “Earthquake”, and “One Too Many”. Gabby has shared the stage with artists of the likes of Flo Rida, Ja Rule, Justina Valentine, Jax, and many more. Meanwhile, this year Gabby was featured on Local 7 News and Deco Drive who have been following her artist journey.

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