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About Gabby B

Gabriela Bueno, better known professionally as Gabby B, is a Brazilian songstress with a plethora of untapped superstar talent ready to rock the world. With blazing records already released and more in the chamber, success is imminent. The triple threat persona that she has made her own has begun to raise antennas from across the music world. Gabby is an avid Barbie collector with hundreds of mint condition dolls in her portfolio. She loves the hue of Barbie pink and often models herself after the poise and fashion sense of the doll’s “life sized” persona giving her the nickname, “Brazilian Barbie.”

The pop vocalist has always been in tune with the entertainment industry. Born an only child in Goiania, Brazil, to a mother (Brazilian performer) and father (Professional martial arts master), Gabby was instantly synchronized with two worlds that would eventually shape shift her passion to entertain.

Gabby’s parents travelled a lot in their respective professions that would have them migrate to France for a period of time. During their stay, she picked up on one of her 3 speaking languages, French. Ultimately, she was in France at the tender age of 3 when she discovered her love for singing. While on the road, Gabby watched the sensual moves of the Brazilian dance, Axé, instructed by her mother, and fine-tuned her natural gift of dance. The martial arts infusion from her father via Capoeira, allowed her to discipline her body with a level of limber finesse that only enhanced her rhythmic body language. This is evident when watching Gabby on TikTok, where she posts daily dancing videos for her 2.6 million followers who are constantly in awe of her moves. Spectrum News noticed this and aired a story based on her viral video that reached nearly 40 million views.

Since Gabby B has come onto the music scene, she has quickly made vast impressions throughout the music industry. After releasing her first EP “Therapy”, Gabby took to the stage for the first time ever at the Brazilian Festival and opened for Brazilian sensation “Iza.” Shortly after that, Gabby toured with High School Nation during their South Florida run. Along the way, “Loot” was released which featured Netflix Rhythm & Flow standout “Londynn B.” This high-powered collaboration made its way up to the #4 spot on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. This was followed by a press run where Gabby interviewed with a variety of FM radio stations and performed live at “Rolling Out.”

Although briefly interrupted by the extreme circumstances in 2020, Gabby B’s quest for greatness did not stop there. She came out with “Fine” featuring Devvon Terrell which marked her highest viewed music video at over 400 thousand views. Multiple songs and music videos later, she ended the year with her first ever Christmas song called “Christmas Day” which has over 105 thousand streams on Spotify alone. Gabby’s latest single, “Merry Go Round” also surpassed 100 thousand streams on Spotify within the first two weeks of its release. Gabby has now locked in on her style of music and has a lot in store for the near future.

Her sexy-sriracha image not only appeals to every eye that stares but also towards her way of life as a fashionista and daring trendsetter. Some would say her style is a bit unorthodox, however, her social status allows her to defy the norms and create believers out of those who feels she is unorthodox in her particular fashion and style.

Gabby is always representing her culture by wearing sparkly bras, which are hand made by her mother, and her one glove which represents her love for martial arts inspired by her father. Destined for greatness spells out Gabby’s energy, as she tells her supporters every day to “Be you, do you, and wear whatever the hell you want!”

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When I’m in the studio, I can’t stop thinking about Michael Jackson! He inspires me when I’m recording cause he’s always himself and putting his moans and feeling in his songs.. I LOVE ITTTT

When I was 16 I went to the beach with a few people. I went in the water and was chilling until I felt something next to my boobs.. IT WAS A CRAB LOOKING AT ME SWIMMING SIDE WAYS 😭 I freaked out and everyone thought there was a shark in the water

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