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About Gabby B

Destined for greatness spells out Gabby B’s energy. Carefully molding her genre-defying talent not only stands out in representation of her birthright but all cultures abroad. Her Portuguese, French and English translations gives her an international edge from the GO! Now 20 and full of life, Gabby is stepping on to the stage full speed ahead!

Trendsetting is in her DNA and the proof in the pudding comes with her first single to the world entitled “Under My Skin.” The song has a energetic yet dark tone about the emotional scars of an ‘ex love.’ She pours out her regret and attraction to it in the same breath. In a clever way, she lets her audience know that what you are drawn to must be erased at times. The musicality of the record has an arpeggio drive to it with a synthesized influence. Her crafty melody lines from verse to hook creates a wave that puts her ahead of the curve in this 2020 class of entertainers. Gabby’s background in singing/dancing/performing also raises eyebrows for some interesting choreography in her single’s visual. Either way you receive her, by way of audio or eye candy, it’s gonna be wavy!

Gabby is an avid Barbie collector with hundreds of mint condition dolls in her portfolio. She loves the hue of Barbie pink and often models herself after the poise and fashion sense of the doll’s “life sized” persona giving her the nickname, Brazilian Barbie. Open, honest, and hungry is everything Gabby B and her intro is looking bright. Stay tuned and make room on your playlists for something special to rock to!

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